Benefits of Osteopathy in Babies

Benefits of Pediatric Osteopathy

It all starts in the mommy’s belly. The baby grows and the space decreases… The maternal forms leave a postural memory in the baby’s body. Then, with labor, the baby is subjected to successive compressions. Artificial oxytocin is often used to speed up delivery, which produces irregular contractions that are even stronger than natural ones. Sometimes, when the use of forceps or suction cups is necessary, new forces are exerted on the baby’s body. All of these events can cause changes in the newborn’s physical structure. These lesions are usually neither serious nor visible, so they are not easily identifiable in the eyes of parents or pediatricians. However, many of the usual problems of babies in the first days of life can have their origin in these situations.One of the bones subject to great compression forces by contractions, as well as by the passage through the vaginal canal, is the occipital (skull bone), which is located above the first cervical vertebra.

Between the occiput and the neck there is a small space called the jugular foramen. From it come four cranial nerves, which are responsible for the innervation of the palate, pharynx, vocal cords, base of the tongue, respiratory function, heart rhythm and a large part of the digestive system. If the forces of childbirth compress the occiput, this will imply a compression on these four nerves. This can lead to cramps, gastric reflux, excessive bagging, difficulties in sucking and changes in respiratory and cardiac rhythm. However, osteopathy is keen to point out that caesarean section does not bring more benefits to the baby in this regard. Normal childbirth, being a natural physiological process, represents, in most cases, advantages for the baby’s body.

Situations in which osteopathy can help the baby

Osteopathy can help your baby in situations such as:

  • Torticollis;
  • Cramps;
  • Excessive pocket;
  • Prolonged crying;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Constipation;
  • Changes in muscle tone;
  • Changes in the shape of the skull;
  • Hyperactivity;
  • Otitis;
  • Difficulty in sucking;
  • Difficulty articulating some sounds;
  • Rhinitis;
  • Sinusitis.

If your baby has any of these conditions, you can contact us at (+351) 966 683 273. Espaço Sementes d’Amor is located in São Domingos de Rana, right in front of the Tires Market Place. We’re just 5 minutes far from Carcavelos or Parede and 10 minutes from Oeiras and Cascais, by the A5 Highway. The space is fully accessible to baby seats and we have plenty of (free) parking at the door!


Sofia Neves

Sofia Neves

Sofia Neves is an Osteopath, with a specialization in Pediatrics and Obstetrics. Attends at Sementes d’Amor.

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